15 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Quality Customer Contact List6 min read

Every business strives to maintain a quality client list, i.e. individuals that come in regularly and engage with the brand. Quality lists give various cues to business owners on how to improve their business strategies. When businesses improve how they operate, they prepare themselves for growth. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses maintain a quality contact list.

Patterns among your list can reveal important factors which can be used in future campaigns. For instance, if customers prefer to be notified by text instead of email, simple adjustments can be made to send campaigns via SMS, and vice versa.

Before owners can analyze and adjust their campaigns, businesses must first begin building their customer contact lists.

Collect Customer Contacts

Build a robust list by registering customers’ contact information using their phone number and/or email. Streamline capturing numerous leads by using in-store and online means to collect client information. Remind customers of the benefits included with adding themselves to your list. Use simple signup methods and contact forms to facilitate the process of collecting a quality list.

Compiled are several tips on how to build and maintain quality lists:


  1. Collect Through Guest WIFI – Enable WIFI access through phone number registration, this may be the quickest way to collect phone numbers whenever customers first come into your store.
  2. Signup Sheets – Place these forms near the front desk and waiting area. Use simple forms that ask for the bare minimum, i.e. name and phone number or email, as long forms tend to scare individuals off.
  3. Fishbowl – Collect business cards near the front desk or by the front door. This is a great way to learn more about your clients: Where they work, what they do, etc. Business cards tend to provide phone numbers, emails, websites, and addresses.
  4. Ask During Checkout – Train staff to ask if customers are registered to receive offers. If the client has not, staff can quickly enter customer information into your database immediately.
  5. Referrals – Ask happy clients to refer your business to their friends and family. Help incentivize your clients to refer others, through referral programs where customers can integrate into your database upon joining and receive exclusive offers.


  1. Email CTA Button – Capitalize on your Call to Action Button. Clear CTA buttons deliver desired results, such as a “Signup Now” button leads readers to a simple signup landing page upon clicking.
  2. Social Media Marketing – Use websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to generate fans and followers, and build your contact list. Include signup forms and sharing buttons for multiple platforms.
  3. Website – Capture customer information when they visit your business’s website. Signup forms can be placed on the home page or their own landing page.
  4. Downloadable PDF – Generate a helpful downloadable booklet on your website which can be exchanged for contact information. Downloadable PDF’s are known to improve capturing customer information, so long as the information provided is helpful, relevant, and unique.
  5. Use Mobile Software – Integrate customer contact information through TapToBook. Our mobile app allows contacts to be uploaded directly from the user’s mobile phone book into the TapToBook client list database, saving time for business owners that dislike manually entering information.

Marketing Efforts

  1. Networking – Go to various networking events like meetups, trade shows, and local events to build your contact list. These events are a great way to introduce and expose your brand to many other businesses and potential clients.
  2. Advertising – Consider producing online ads which can be shown when users search for similar businesses and services you offer. Local customers can then see your paid ads when they use search engines like Google or Bing to find local businesses.

Maintain High Quality

Contact lists turn stale over time as individuals update emails, move locations, and/or obtain new phone numbers. Low-quality lists are known to contain old and outdated information.

When outdated lists are used to disseminate brand information, campaigns do not reach the intended clients and become a waste of time and money. Maintaining proper list hygiene ensures that lists are of high quality and usable.


  1. Clean – Scrub duplicate and incomplete contacts that could lead to high bounce rates or spam scores. Not only do these contacts drain campaign resources, they also waste time and money.
  2. Retarget – Reach potential clients that searched for your business and took no further action in signing up. Take time to target them again with specific banner ads or social media posts to get them to take the desired action.
  3. Re-engage – Pursue clients that have been inactive with your campaigns or brand for more than three months. The inactivity could be explained by a recent move or outdated contact information. Send these clients a quick hello using any contact information provided to reach them so they may update their information.