Utilize These 5 Approaches to Attract More Clients5 min read

Often, businesses owners overlook important approaches that can naturally generate leads. Businesses that disregard fundamental channels, neglect to fully exploit diverse methods that can attract clients.

Actively employing marketing tactics and tools to full capacity is central to achieving business goals. While efforts in social media campaigns entice clients, maintaining touch-points through various channels is the most effective way to reach clients across all platforms.

Attract Growth Through Engagement

Engaged clients are more likely to recommend a business to friends and family, for that reason it is essential to provide the ultimate experience. Expand the reach of your business by utilizing several platforms of engagement to connect with existing and potential clients online and offline.

We have curated a list of five approaches that can be integrated into any marketing strategy to generate engagement:

Social Media Approach – Actively participate on social platforms to connect with clients and enhance relationships:

  • Post helpful content and videos that offer advice and tips. Generate higher engagement in the form of retweets, comments, views, and likes with image and video posts.
  • Engage fans online by replying to comments. Fans are more likely to purchase from brands that respond to them on social media. Therefore, it is advantageous for businesses to respond quickly and thank fans for sharing their content.
  • Run a promotional contest on social media to excite fans and mix things up. Some platforms encourage promotions and have found a way to simplify the process, for instance, Facebook allows businesses to directly administer a promotion from their page.

Online Approach – Gain greater visibility by increasing your business’s online presence:

  • Claim yourself on Google Business. This displays your business on Google Maps to potential clients and verifies your establishment on Google to build trust and authority.
  • Represent your business with a website. Optimize the website for mobile-viewing and include contact information, as well as, business offerings. If you have an established website, consider updating it to include e-commerce and online booking capabilities to streamline purchases.
  • Collect emails into a database using a contact form on your website to capture leads. Use this database to send email reminders and monthly newsletters. Businesses can also consider running an e-commerce campaign on Groupon or LivingSocial to bring in new traffic.

Advertising Approach – Ad campaigns are an excellent way to draw in new clients while remaining flexible:

  • Run search ads with Google AdWords to bring awareness to your business. Local search ads can increase store visits and help customers learn about your business. Use Google AdSense to determine relevant long tail keywords for your industry. This will minimize unnecessary waste in your paid advertising budget.
  • Focus on identifying your ideal client to configure how you will attract them when developing ads. You can reach your ideal client using tools like Facebook Ads which allow for specific targeting.

Internal Approach – Solidify an image for your business:

  • Provide loyalty programs to reward clients that return to your business, be welcoming and treat them like royalty. Simple things like improving customer service or streamlining checkouts are small ways to show clients you care.
  • Become proactive and ask clients to recommend your business. Encourage delighted clients to share their experiences online and refer their friends and family.
  • Generate goodwill by participating in local events and community programs. Serving the community can improve a business’s image and public relations, especially if that business is sponsoring an event.

Collaborative Approach – Networking is important to businesses that want to connect with others and accumulate new ideas:

  • Attend industry trade shows to learn more about what other like-minded business owners are doing. If there is a panel of speakers attending, take thorough notes and apply what you can to your business.
  • Use networking websites such as MeetUp to create local and industry networking events. Be open to the idea of partnerships and cooperative advertising which can grow your business, clientele, and presence.

Attracting clients requires more than one approach as long-term growth comes from utilizing a mix of methods. The key to success is consistently showing genuine interest in engaging others.