Five Ways to Boost Customer Contact Lists5 min read

Contact lists become stale as time passes, emails are opened less, and meaningful interactions deteriorate. The solution: proactivity. Pro-active businesses are mindful of the need for creative marketing ideas to tackle downturns.

Consistency is key. Businesses must communicate and engage current and potential customers throughout their lifecycle. Customers exchange their loyalty for value, therefore, it is imperative for a business to offer distinct value while engaging customers to reap maximum benefits.

Collecting Information

Contact lists can grow by performing simple tasks and a bit of cleaning up. We have curated a list of five key marketing methods to assist in increasing your customer contact list:

1) Plug Holes –  A key indicator, of a business conscious of growing their customer contact list, is the capability to follow up and follow through with potential AND existing leads. Create easy methods to collect leads by streamlining the process of capturing customer information:

  • Place a bowl to collect business cards
  • Present a signup sheet in-store and on your business’s website
  • Ask customers to input any missing or incomplete information during checkout
  • Optimize all receipts with a QR code or tiny URL that sends them to a signup landing place

At the end of the week input contact information collected into your customer database. Next, begin segment profiles and identify potential campaigns.

2) Create Capture Pages – Capture customer contact information on your website and various social media pages. Use automation tools to archive and segment customer information to disperse relevant campaigns. Drive contact list growth by applying the same Call to Action across multiple platforms and channels. In this case, the CTA would direct customers to sign up and subscribe to your business’s newsletters and/or emails.

3) Engage Customers Create curiosity and excitement with fresh content for each of your email campaigns. Simple changes in format and layout can increase readers’ curiosity and break up the monotony. Test different versions of this campaign, check the results and identify which emails have higher engagement scores and adjust as necessary. Pay special attention in the segmentation and personalization of your campaigns. This tactic is much more than including a customer’s first and last name. It is about analyzing their demographics, previous purchase history, and interactions with your brand. With this information, you can create specifically segmented campaigns to recommend the right products and services.

4) Maintain List Hygiene – Basic list cleanup ensures that emails are delivered successfully and opened at a higher rate. Look at previous campaigns and analyze their performance. Identify any bounces, unopened emails, and unresponsive contacts. For unresponsive contacts apply the three-month rule: after three months of no activity, send these contacts a re-engagement campaign email. If no response occurs remove them from your list. Removing emails seems counterintuitive, however, cleaning up contact lists from consistently unresponsive customers increases email algorithm readability and lowers your spam score.

5) Begin Marketing and Advertising – Business owners must take a hands-on approach and personally market their brand at networking events. Local business events, in-person meetups, trade shows, and industry conferences are great opportunities to expand your brand’s reach and collect other businesses’ information for potential partnerships to offer unique product packages or complimentary services. Connecting with other businesses can boost the visibility of your brand in two or more locations. However, business owners lacking the necessary time to network, but who have spare capital to market and advertise, may be more interested in paid search ads which when clicked send users to an email signup landing page.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Engaged customers become loyal to brands that provide valuable content and inform others about the benefits of signing up to receive your business’s content.

Increase those customers’ lifetime value by capturing their information across the board. Once you have their information in your contact list segment customers by campaign types for further targeting.