Amplify Your ROI with TapToBook4 min read

Businesses prosper when SBOs invest in various resources and properly utilize each resource and tool. Relevant tools contribute to a business’s success by providing a specific key advantage, as each tool has its own use and unique abilities.

Buyer Behavior

Buyers use multiple platforms to compare products, receive information, and interact with family, friends, and businesses. Mobile devices have allowed customers to instantly purchase, book, and send referrals on the-go.

Business owners must adapt to digital trends and reach customers on these platforms to maintain client engagement and loyalty. SBOs that adapt sooner are more likely to sustain top-of-mind awareness and their competitive advantage.

Choose TapToBook Over Other Tools

Filtering through the sheer number of online tools can be overwhelming which is why we present our tool, TapToBook, in a clear and straightforward manner. TapToBook functions as a supplemental tool that business owners can employ to current resources and systems.

TapToBook offers multi-channel marketing through email, social media, SMS, and in-app promotions. These various channels allow SBOs to sell more services and build a stronger digital presence.

Software schedulers and daily deal websites can only do so much for SBOs, which is why TapToBook presents a flexible platform that delivers seamless multi-channel messaging, 24/7 purchasing, and bundled offers to create an amplified ROI.

A Premium Experience

TapToBook incorporates text message marketing, email marketing, and in-app referrals to reach existing and potential customers. With our all-in-one system:

  • Customers can easily purchase services, redeem promotions, and refer friends.
  • Businesses can sell their services in a matter of minutes, boost customer loyalty, and meet new clients through one-touch referrals.

Once business owners begin using our tool, they are instantly integrated into our mobile app which enables 24/7 purchasing, prepaid bookings, and bundled offers to lock in future revenue. Our mobile app is SBO driven and controlled, which means business owners can select the number of campaigns, appointment availability, and discount rate.

TapToBook: The Right Choice

SBOs that utilize TapToBook see results within 24 hours of their campaign launch. Providers that have used our tool, received their ROI practically overnight. This becomes intensified considering TapToBook offers the first three months of service at no cost.

At TapToBook, we simplify and show first-time users how to operate our tool to save them time and bring desired results. Helpful how-to videos quickly show SBOs how to manage their TapToBook account. Standard providers spend less than 20 minutes a week inside of our platform creating campaigns. This allows owners to utilize the rest of their time to manage other day-to-day tasks, while TapToBook sends out revenue generating campaigns. TapToBook providers are then able to level out slow periods and capitalize peak hours.

Our tool delivers results and business providers trust in TapToBook. If you are an SBO with the desire to improve your business, use TapToBook as your next small business marketing tool to convert more clients, capture sales, and generate revenue.