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Reviews – Yelp

Review sites like Yelp force businesses to pay a premium just to be listed in the first few results. The kicker - Yelp knows that customers will rarely choose a business simply because it is listed first. Customers are wary of prioritized placement and advertisements as their intuition alerts them to possible “pay for placement” [...]

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Deal Sites – Groupon

Deal sites like Groupon devalue a business’s services and create discount-hungry customers. Groupon is known to sell a business’s services at deeply discounted prices which can be redeemed anytime during normal business hours. This usually means customers come to redeem these discounted services during a business’s busiest times, forcing businesses to attend to discount customers [...]

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Pay-Per-Click Ads – Google and Facebook

Pay Per Click ads & keywords on Facebook and Google are expensive and due to high costs - usually result in new customer attainment losses, low-click through rates, and hardly any conversions. These systems are difficult to navigate and because of this, many business owners must spend a large amount of time and money on [...]

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Marketing the Smarter Way

Bring Your Marketing Efforts to One Place TapToBook enables business owners to centralize their marketing efforts. Businesses that use our platform to market across text, email and social media generate buzz, engagement, and revenue. Our software uses the customer contact lists business owners provide to disseminate service campaigns. Accounting that some clientele may favor [...]

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Out With The Old, In With The New – Marketing Your Business To Younger Clients

It is important to market a business through multiple channels to gain high visibility. Customers value the capability of interacting with businesses and brands through various outlets such as email, text, social media, and branded apps. By allowing customers to engage, converse, and purchase services on platforms that suit individual preferences; businesses create a well-rounded brand experience.

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15 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Quality Customer Contact List

Every business strives to maintain a quality client list, i.e. individuals that come in regularly and engage with the brand. Quality lists give various cues to business owners on how to improve their business strategies. When businesses improve how they operate, they prepare themselves for growth. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses maintain a [...]

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I already have an app!

That’s great but without widespread app adoption and users, apps tend to decline in use and downloads. With TapToBook you can reach customers on multiple platforms like social media, email, AND text; unlike apps that can only reach users through a single channel.

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I Don’t Offer Discounts!

Businesses that have been burned by deal sites are reluctant to give discounts, not with TapToBook discounts are optional. Unlike Groupon that produces discount hungry customers and devalues your services, TapToBook allows businesses full control! Never schedule discounted services during peak hours again.

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