Five Ways to Boost Customer Contact Lists

Contact lists become stale as time passes, emails are opened less, and meaningful interactions deteriorate. The solution: proactivity. Pro-active businesses are mindful of the need for creative marketing ideas to tackle downturns. Consistency is key. Businesses must communicate and engage current and potential customers throughout their lifecycle. Customers exchange their loyalty for value, therefore, [...]

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Top 5 Fitness Marketing Ideas

Finding a way to improve customer retention in such a saturated industry can be challenging. Customers may be price sensitive. This, in turn, affects retention rates. Successful fitness studios understand the need for a well-rounded marketing strategy. Employing a full range of business tools in a marketing strategy can greatly benefit slow periods, engage current customers, and allow for the growth and scale of the business.

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Top 5 Spa Marketing Ideas

Spas offer stress relief to customers, yet during particularly slow days some spa owners tend to experience stress themselves. Successful spas have a well-rounded marketing strategy and rarely experience dramatic ups and downs. Businesses with incomplete marketing plans tend to struggle to gain and retain customers.

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Top 5 Salon Marketing Ideas

Successful businesses have journeyed through the ups and downs and in the process struggled to gain and retain customers. Often, the results achieved are directly correlated to the tools employed. Lacking the creative ideas and technological tools necessary to fully engage current clients with your brand can erode your brand image and lead to voluntary customer base shrinkage; as well as, simultaneously and involuntarily, negatively impacting the business brand image potential clientele see. This leaves SBOs disempowered.

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Who REALLY Views your Social Media Posts?

Facebook remains the most-used social media platform for businesses and users. However, some businesses may find it difficult to maintain a high ranking in fan's feed. Due to the amount of clutter, Facebook adjusts the algorithm for new feeds by prioritizing relevant and engaging content. We have curated a list of interesting statistics along with various creative tactics to improve the rank of your business's posts.

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Don’t Just Market Sell with Multi-Channel Marketing

It is important to market a business through multiple channels to gain high visibility. Customers value the capability of interacting with businesses and brands through various outlets such as email, text, social media, and branded apps. By allowing customers to engage, converse, and purchase services on platforms that suit individual preferences; businesses create a well-rounded brand experience.

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Word Of Mouth is Essential

The increasing noise in today's marketplace requires marketers to think outside the box in terms of how to promote brands. Customers naturally rely on a close network of friends and family for opinions on brands and to finalize purchasing decisions. Loyal customers already engaged with a brand and who have a positive customer experience have the potential to become brand ambassadors, who can generate more authentic relationships with the community that result in valuable referrals. Referrals and other word-of-mouth marketing programs can accelerate the frequency with which your brand is shared, discussed, and purchased from.

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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

The increasing importance of understanding email marketing is core to digital marketing efforts. We have analyzed some statistics on email open and click-through rates that businesses can find helpful and compiled a list of some of the best practices for email marketing.

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New Customers Are Not Always Worth It!

Acquiring new customers is always a challenge and can be a drain on resources. Businesses often allocate funds and personnel time to run promotional campaigns or offer deep discounts in the hopes of getting a measurable return on investment. These efforts are often carried out while overlooking the hidden and existing, yet untapped, profitable potential already present in established clientele.

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