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Finding a way to improve customer retention in such a saturated industry can be challenging. Customers may be price sensitive. This, in turn, affects retention rates. Successful fitness studios understand the need for a well-rounded marketing strategy. Employing a full range of business tools in a marketing strategy can greatly benefit slow periods, engage current customers, and allow for the growth and scale of the business.

Tools to Elevate Awareness:

Building an online presence is key to keeping up with customers. Clients prefer to receive business updates online, email, and through social media. Communicating with customers is key to understanding their goals and limitations. Mobile campaigns are essential and complementary to online elements in marketing.

  1. Multi-Channel Marketing – Automation can assist in managing campaigns, newsletters, and emails. Meet customers where they are most comfortable and gain visibility over competitors. Inexpensive tactics like building a Facebook local business page, creating videos on social media, sending personalized emails, and text reminders can boost brand awareness. Update customers on classes and information on special events through multiple channels to enhance reach. Branded apps allow photos, videos, and program sharing.
  2. Client Engagement – Build relationships between brand and customers by engaging clients on various social media platforms. This nurtures a virtual brand community. Provide online content about promotions on classes, boot camps, schedule changes, and new website blogs. This informs consumers while also providing entertainment and greatly increases the chances of content sharing across platforms. Maintain up-to-date blogs and posts on business websites. Retarget old customers by sending them short reminders via email or text. Create short share-worthy closed-caption videos for anytime viewing.
  3. Referral Programs – Referrals are an essential source of new members. VIP programs and memberships incentivize clients to refer others. Reward them with credits, points, or discounts by creating unique codes for their “friends and family”.
  4. Community – Create a custom hashtag for your business and local community. Spark brand conversation through community programs. Aid local programs through volunteering or offer an outdoor group exercise to promote a health-conscious mindset. Customers who feel like they are supporting a business which supports their community are more likely to stick with their fitness routine.
  5. Search Advertising –  Utilizing paid and organic search results for SEO rankings increases brand visibility. Employing tools like Adwords and Adsense, result in a further reach and brand exposure. Search advertising is not limited to SEO, businesses can display banners and advertisements on websites like Facebook. Facebook business pages include a boost feature, as well as, audience-specific targeting. These powerful tools can raise brand awareness and assist in facilitating new program launch.

From Prospect to Buyer

When using technology and web tools for automation, businesses can begin to track performance and set benchmarks to measure future tactics. Before finalizing any automation campaign, test and scrutinize every detail.

Businesses that move with their market and meet them online see more success in terms of customer retention and engagement. Going online benefits businesses by extending themselves further than their local market. Fitness content published online needs to be user-friendly, reliable, relatable, entertaining, as well as, represent the business’s message.

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