Improve the Online Presence of Your Business6 min read

As the world moves to a digital landscape, businesses must configure themselves to be digitally friendly. Businesses with a strong online presence can connect, engage, and interact with a larger audience.

Digital platforms can assist in solidifying a brand’s image. Growing an online presence involves placing equal importance on optimizing a business for local organic search, as well as, improving mobile and social media interactions.

The Digital Approach

Businesses conscious of their online presence begin to see the various opportunities to market, segment, and sell via digital channels. Mobile devices allow for users on-the-go to search for businesses, read reviews, redeem coupons, and connect with brands on social media.

Quick tip: Build your brand voice and image with a consistent theme and tone across all platforms of engagement. Emphasize your brand’s unique quality to distinguish yourself from competitors.

Begin increasing your online presence with sensible and straightforward approaches:
Be Mobile Friendly –

Mobile devices are readily accessible to everyday users. Trends show an increasing dependence on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mobile friendly business platform.

Businesses that have a mobile friendly website or app can capitalize on mobile shoppers. Capture a greater share of this type of e-commerce. Create an easy to use mobile platform that displays important business information such as hours of operation, basic contact information, and details on products and services. At TapToBook, we provide businesses a way to utilize the mobile space.

The TapToBook app displays businesses that are close to users and presents services that can be scheduled in-app. Businesses favorited by users show exclusive price promotions. When businesses use our app over others, they get an extra edge. If they receive cancellations and need to fill empty seats, our app can highlight last minute openings for services at a discounted price that the business owner sets. Our TapToBook app gives users a seamless experience with your business.

Active Social Media Networking –

Businesses can create accounts on various social media networks to build online brand conversations. By relying on more than one platform to reach users, your business can diversify its reach and build a well-rounded online presence. One way to draw people to your brand is by creating valuable content that is sharable across multiple platforms.

Whenever a client follows your page, take the time to personally thank them online. Make a habit of interacting with fans whenever they mention your brand or make comments on your content. Do more than simply post: engage with fans by liking tweets, commenting on Instagram posts, and offering advice on Facebook. Cross reference other social media pages your business has and add backlinks to build credibility in your pages.

The key to social media is understanding qualitative traffic over quantitative traffic. Connecting with fans intimately can enable your business to build excitement about current and future products and services.

Claim Your Business –

Digital marketing entails making your business known and discoverable online. Find all your NAP (name, address, phone number) variations and build a consistent listing for your business. This consistency will rank your business higher in local searches.

Register your information on Google Business as this will optimize local searches to ensure your business is visible to those searching on Google Maps. Businesses should prioritize optimizing themselves for local search, as 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. Potential customers search for businesses like yours. Statistics show local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day. Neglecting to register your business online makes it difficult for customers to find you and this can affect cash flow and growth.

Display Reviews –

After verifying your business on Google, integrate reviews and ratings your business has received on your website and other third party review sites, like Yelp and Facebook. Use Google Business as a tool to obtain, incorporate, and manage your reviews.

Reviews drive awareness and consumer decisions, thus it is an essential marketing tool. Individuals unfamiliar with your business rely on the reviews left by your customers. As a result, it is crucial to reach out and ask for reviews.

A Streamlined Experience

Improve your business’s mobile usability by becoming mobile friendly or launching an app to streamline service purchases. Increase your business’s online presence by actively networking and interacting with fans. Establish and verify your business information online for effortless local SEO.

Undertaking these actions can provide customers the best possible interaction with your brand by delivering a painless and stress-free experience.

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