Marketing the Smarter Way5 min read

Bring Your Marketing Efforts to One Place

TapToBook enables business owners to centralize their marketing efforts. Businesses that use our platform to market across text, email and social media generate buzz, engagement, and revenue.

Our software uses the customer contact lists business owners provide to disseminate service campaigns. Accounting that some clientele may favor email offers over text notifications or may exclusively interact with brands through social media, TapToBook has become the solution to the said issue. Instead of purchasing multiple software to contact customers on different mediums, TapToBook centralizes how businesses market to their customers.

Marketing from one platform that can attach shortcodes is accepted by inboxes, and enables smart links to be placed on any social network post can help businesses save money, manage their time better, and work more efficiently.

The “Competition”

Marketing software is usually designed to apply to one type of platform, either strictly email or strictly text. Paying for and managing various software can be exhausting on not only owners and staff but budgets as well.

Common email marketing software like MailChimp face issues where campaign emails can be labeled as spam. This decreases your brand’s reach and increases your email address spam score. Constant Contact is another common email marketing software which is often critiqued for being difficult to navigate and interpret and charges users up front. Both software lead to disappointing outcomes.

Two common text message marketing software EzTexting and Twilio face issues themselves. These third-party text message delivery systems can see problems with network and carrier delays. Keep in mind, certain carriers do not support mass text message delivery. Often, shortcodes are not even visible to customers because they are blocked by carriers. Shortcodes are important to close the sales loop and complete conversion.

Other software limit a business’s capabilities under the guise of joining with a “free account”, which often withhold important features until the user pays for a plan. This kind of practice puts a strain on businesses that simply would like to use a system that works well and saves time and money.

TapToBook’s All-In-One System

TapToBook launches customizable campaigns that reach customers through text, email, and social media platforms. Businesses that use TapToBook benefit from utilizing a single source to execute their marketing goals. Default templates streamline the campaign generation process; however, campaigns can be completely customizable and just require a bit of creativity.

Email – Distribute campaign offers through email. Whether you use our template or choose to customize your own, each email crafts a brand’s image. Take special care in how you present your business through an email.

Text – Market through SMS to quickly reach customers without getting buried under emails. Most people open texts within 3 minutes of receiving one. This is a great way to send last minute openings or limited time offers. 

Social Media Marketing Publish campaigns embedded with smart links to your page. Younger customers prefer interacting with brands on social media and may ignore businesses blowing up their inboxes. Businesses can appeal to these individuals through creating social posts with smart links. Smart links allow customers to buy services with one-click, on any platform.

TapToBook inserts a buy button into your text message, email, and social campaigns to facilitate immediate bookings and 24/7 purchasing. This dramatically increases sales and smooths over slow periods by scheduling during checkout. Business owners can create a single campaign and select more than one delivery method; so why choose any other software when TapToBook centralizes your marketing efforts and delivers tangible results.