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New Customers Are Not Always Worth It!

Acquiring new customers is always a challenge and can be a drain on resources. Businesses often allocate funds and personnel time to run promotional campaigns or offer deep discounts in the hopes of getting a measurable return on investment. These efforts are often carried out while overlooking the hidden and existing, yet untapped, profitable potential already present in established clientele.

Retain Rather Than Obtain

Rewarding existing clients can improve business revenue, loyalty, reach, and growth. Businesses that engage their existing clients notice that these clients tend to buy again and in larger quantities. Repeat purchases and higher frequency of visits are signs of improved overall customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers become raving customers.

Clients that are happily engaged with a brand are more likely to share their experiences on social networks, which in turn expands the business’s potential touch points to reach further than before. This process generates a positive, low resistance, and inexpensive approach to generating new clients.

We have collected a list of 5 tips for SBOs to keep customers coming back.

  • 1. Continuously Improve the Customer Service Experience
    Customer service plays a key role in the interaction between brand and customer. Engage and expand your customer base by creating a better customer experience whether through seamless booking processes, providing pleasant and helpful customer service experiences, or encouraging clients to leave suggestions for your business on a comment card.: Customers want to hear from you, they gave you their email to receive special offers and information. Remind them that you exist and why they love you, this will boost your sales.

  • 2. Offer Loyalty ProgramsSeasoned clients embrace rewards and exclusive promotions. Businesses that set up reward programs for frequent clients can see higher customer engagement.

  • 3. Personalized Direct Marketing
    Send clients personalized email, mail, and text reminders for future services and scheduled bookings. Clients that have opted to receive notifications on special offers and promotions should be prioritized and sent information, as well as, recommended add-on services for their next visit.

  • 4. Encourage Sharing
    Ask clients to share their experience with your business on social media platforms. Positive feedback from clients about your service on their personal pages or directly on the wall of your business’s social media page boosts third-party credibility. Encourage clients to review and post about your business to increase your business’s online reputation.

  • 5. Be Community Involved
    Businesses that are engaged in their community can improve their brand’s image, gain publicity, and improve public relationships with individuals who identify personally with the business or community. Businesses can benefit from actively supporting community events to build publicity and improve public relations through involvement with the local community and its programs.

The Takeaway

Customer engagement involves interacting with customers throughout their lifecycle. Once the foundation for a strong brand relationship is set and high customer satisfaction is achieved, you can successfully generate brand ambassadors and potentially create a brand community.

Businesses that engage with their customer base build loyalty between the brand and clients. Through promoting your business and services with the 5 tips we have gathered, you can potentially improve customer engagement. By improving customer engagement, businesses can see direct improvements in repeat sales, order size, cross-selling, add-ons, and revenue. Most service businesses overlook their current clientele and often rather than building a stronger relationship with them, businesses pursue new customers and neglect their existing customer base. Unfortunately, overlooking loyal customers can lead to brand abandonment. Businesses that invest the time to improve their current customers’ engagement with the business sincerely understand customer loyalty and retention.

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