Run a Smoother, Smarter Business5 min read

Success is a constant aspiration for entrepreneurs. Every business desires to realize their intended goals, but few optimize the methods they have at hand to achieve it. Certain tools help business owners become proactive in their marketing efforts and can induce creative ways to engage clients.

Online technology has greatly improved how business is conducted. Brands that expand themselves online can reach potential clientele, otherwise believed to be unattainable.

Many Engagement, Scheduling, and Customer Relationship Management tools are available online, each with their own specific use. Businesses that employ marketing automation tools, stay on-top of engagement campaigns.

Communication Leads to Engagement

Use online tools to improve client engagement: Understand that consistency is extremely important to sustaining a business’s profitability.

  • Constant communication keeps engagement levels high and increases the lifetime value of clients. Re-engaging and retargeting current clientele is less costly, as existing customers are significantly easier to engage and sell to, rather than newly acquired clients. Some businesses forget to appreciate existing clients and become consumed with only rewarding first-time clients. Neglecting loyal repeat customers can cause them to stray to competitors.
  • Retain and engage your existing clientele by rewarding them through various programs that offer exclusive promotions. These clients are familiar with your services and understand their value, therefore they are more appreciative of add-on recommendations, service bundles, and streamlined checkouts.

While there are numerous tools available online to increase engagement, it is best to utilize a tool that is inclusive of multiple channels. Multi-channel marketing allows clients to engage with businesses on their own terms from their favorite platforms. Businesses are then able to connect with all of their clients by maintaining diverse outlets and touchpoints.

Day-to-day Activities

Businesses want to make the most out of their daily activities and strive for efficiency. Running a business can be exhausting and at the end of the day, some owners may feel as though marketing campaigns should come second to daily business functions.

However, the opposite is true – taking the time to prepare future marketing efforts greatly impacts the profitability of day-to-day operations.

  • Elevate your business by promoting your brand and gaining visibility. Businesses that consistently use automation tools create long-lasting connections. Build lifelong loyalty from continuous client engagement.
  • Become more productive by setting strategic and operational marketing plans. While strategic business behavior focuses the direction of an establishment. Operational functions relate to the business’s efficiency and productivity, both are paramount to the success of any business.

Business owners benefit from integrating tools that use text message marketing and email marketing to send information to clients.

TapToBook is a wonderful example of a flexible small business marketing tool that can be used in supplementing current business schedulers. At TapToBook, we allow users to schedule and prepay for services with your business at any time of the day through our app.

Capitalize Relationships

Every single contribution you have made to your business is conveyed in your brand’s overall public image, which is a reflection of your personal efforts.

  • Symbiotic relationships exist when business owners are active in their local community. There is undeniable proof, that communities respond well and benefit from small businesses. Building a strong community relationship is another way to ensure traffic and buzz.
  • Referrals have become the most credible form of Word of Mouth, this means business owners should request referrals from satisfied customers to increase their customer base. Clients can be incentivized to refer friends and family and be rewarded when referred individuals make a conversion.

Business owners must be proactive in their efforts to expand their brand. Brand development encompasses tangible and intangible means: Become aware of changes in your industry, create a strong local network, and actively adjust strategies to find the best match for your business.

As a business owner, it is essential to remain up to date with current trends and be able to integrate applicable marketing activities to help promote and realize financial goals.