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Successful businesses have journeyed through the ups and downs and in the process struggled to gain and retain customers. Often, the results achieved are directly correlated to the tools employed. Lacking the creative ideas and technological tools necessary to fully engage current clients with your brand can erode your brand image and lead to voluntary customer base shrinkage; as well as, simultaneously and involuntarily, negatively impacting the business brand image potential clientele see. This leaves SBOs disempowered.

Personal experience in self-promotion and sources from other like-minded business owners have yielded a wealth of information from which to select our list of top notch and essential tips. These are used by professionals to set the foundation of a well-rounded marketing plan. For this reason, we have collected the following five top notable marketing ideas

Maximize utility:

  1. Engage Your Clients – Create an open two-way channel of communication directly with clients through social business pages and web chats. Offer exclusive products and services online to be redeemed in-store or at the end of the client’s next visit. Communicate with your base client as much as your new ones, send thank you emails after every visit, and remarket to old clients to remind them that you still think of them.
  2. Create Online Content – Engage your clients by offering downloadable content and exclusive videos. Create blogs offering simple tips and advice for in between visits and everyday hair solutions. Promote your business by displaying new hairstyles on YouTube and other multimedia channels. This will increase your brand’s reach. Remember to make all your content share-worthy and fun.
  3. Market on Multiple Channels – It is essential to market your business on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. Send promotional information to clients through social media, email, SMS (text), and direct mail. At the core of effective marketing is the ability to differentiate your salon from competitors: offer exclusive products, services, and upgrades. Create unique trendy hairstyles. Set up a selfie station with a hashtag of your brand. And project your unique ambiance.
  4. Always Ask for Referrals and Reviews– Consider holding contests for clients that refer the most friends and family for a prize of your choice. Hold an end-of-year blowout sale during high periods and schedule bookings for low periods geared exclusively to new clients, including other discounts for current clients. Those periods are opportunities to offer sample product giveaways and take care of -all of- your clientele. Ask clients to review your business and their experience online; in-store, on an out-of-five-star scale. Display raving testimonials at your business for clients to see and they will feel inspired and motivated to contribute.
  5. Optimizing Paid and Organic Search Marketing – Identify your business by listing your business’ NAP, linking to online business directories, optimize local SEO, invest in paid marketing, and purchasing ad space on Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media platforms can offer to show your business ads to specific demographics. Begin elevating your online presence by using services like Google AdWords which can affect how your business is ranked in search engine results pages (SERPs) against your competitors.

The Results

By utilizing these five key ideas, you can significantly smooth out the up and down cycles while growing your base clientele. Be proactive in your marketing efforts by taking these actions. Build a solid relationship with your clients, improve how you interact with them, and reach new markets. Happy clients bring referrals. Proactivity generates leads.

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