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Spas offer stress relief to customers, yet during particularly slow days some spa owners tend to experience stress themselves. Successful spas have a well-rounded marketing strategy and rarely experience dramatic ups and downs. Businesses with incomplete marketing plans tend to struggle to gain and retain customers.

Spas are a luxury to some customers and sacred to others

Regardless, successful spas emphasize their unique attributes and make it a priority to engage customers. Success can be directly correlated to the tools employed in their marketing strategy.

Creating a relaxing and seamless experience is key to customer’s happiness. Carefully thought-out marketing strategies set the foundations for successful businesses. Thus, we have curated a list of the top five notable marketing ideas to integrate into any spa’s marketing strategy:


  • Inside: Place display signs of services near the reception area. These signs should include information about each treatment. Offer branded water and small healthy snacks to customers before and after their visit. Play calming music and make available, clips of these songs, on the business’s website. In-store changes should be carefully thought out, as customers that first enter the business will be particularly sensitive to the atmosphere of the spa.
  • Outside: On an A-board, advertise specials, unique services, and business hours. Decorate the exterior store windows with lights and consider keeping them on after hours for nighttime foot traffic, especially on busy streets. Moreover, incorporate products and experiment with different display layouts based on size, height, and colors.

Multi-Channel Marketing: Businesses that actively market their brand on multiple platforms see greater returns. Use email, text, apps, social media, and other mediums to increase brand awareness and exposure through high visibility. Post photos of treatment rooms, unique services, and specials on social media. Spas may benefit from creating press releases on the business’s website and including them in email newsletters. Informing customers about unique features of the spa and its services through websites, blogs, videos, brochures, emails, etc.

Client Engagement: The key to ‘WOWING’ any customer is through engaging and communicating with them. Crafted from beginning to end, the customer experience starts even before a service is booked. Once a service is booked, build anticipation even before they step through the door by providing tantalizing information about the service and use this opportunity to offer add-ons. At checkout provide the opportunity to purchase future service bundles and offer to sign up for loyalty programs which generate repeat business while rewarding customers.

Referrals and Reviews: Word of Mouth is held as the mother of all marketing, for a reason: nothing is more credible than WOM. New customers’ decision making relies heavily on the opinions of others who have had positive interactions with the business. Ask customers to refer their friends and family for free lead generation and invite current customers to share their experiences on the business’s website and social media pages.

Community: Engage with local charities or community events and activities. Locals who see a business involved in the community tend to act reciprocally. Strong ties to community residents can come from supporting community causes, and businesses that are involved in the community can bring more awareness and exposure to their brand.

The key to building a spa’s brand is through customer interaction. Every touch point affects how customers view and experience a brand. Bring more attention to the brand through customer involvement. Build an unforgettable brand experience by elevating the interactions a business has with its customers.

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