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Marketing tools are essential for businesses to facilitate services such as campaign automation, client engagement, and multi-channel marketing. At TapToBook, we have developed a small business marketing tool to incorporate these services and create a profitable environment for business owners.

What Is TapToBook

Simply put, TapToBook assists business owners in achieving and delivering premium service to clients. Using uncomplicated templates and technology, business owners can manage their marketing efforts more efficiently and effectively.

Clients want the ability to view local deals and services from their mobile devices. Whenever a client’s interest is peaked, TapToBook enables a streamlined all-in-one process from booking to check out. This significantly reduces cart abandonment which is why business owners prefer our tool over traditional methods that just post your services at a discounted rate on websites that require extra steps and further funneling.

TapToBook allows clients to streamline their purchases, which secures faster conversion and impulse buys. Our tool offers clients control and flexibility by allowing them to access business providers 24/7 through the TapToBook mobile app. These clients benefit from using TapToBook to schedule appointments around the clock.

Business owners that use booking tools and schedulers understand the importance of having a system that collects payments ahead of time. With TapToBook, clients can pre-pay at a discounted rate or book and pay on site for the full-service amount. This method encourages prepayment while reducing cancellations and no-shows.

How It Works

Business owners first provide TapToBook with their client list. After uploading their list, TapToBook allows businesses to have complete control and capability to send and manage their email and text campaigns.

Text message marketing and email marketing have become extremely important in engaging and capturing clients. With our service, a business owner can send out campaigns via text or email, fill-out a template of how they would like their campaign displayed, and choose the duration of the promotion’s availability.

All campaigns run for a three-day period, which generates a sense of urgency among clients. Whether in-app, through email, or text, clients can redeem discounted services during the three-day period. At TapToBook, we have found that short campaigns offering discounts, increase the value of the service.

As clients try new services for a discounted rate, they may also recommend the special service to friends and family through referrals. While referrals with other providers may contain complicated steps, TapToBook simplifies referrals by giving clients a code they can send to friends and family in one click.

Return on Investment

Currently, TapToBook has three plans for businesses interested in using our service.

Basic monthly plans start at $19, with upgraded systems at $99, or premium services at $149.

We have collected sample information from a variety of providers that use our system to display the exponential capabilities TapToBook offers. Within 24 hours of launching their first email and text campaign, providers received at least one prepaid appointment.

Some higher-end providers received multiple bookings and a significant increase in revenue. One provider, specifically, received six prepaid appointments for cosmetic services. This provider’s service was discounted by 15% and saw a 42% ROI within 24 hours of the campaign launch. This case is extreme, but also shows the dynamic power of TapToBook.

Other providers sampled still showed substantial ROIs and revenue generated. Providers chose to offer their services at discounted rates between 15-35% and generated at least $125 within 24 hours.

Choose TapToBook

Businesses benefit from employing marketing tools that reach clients and deliver higher value, ROI, and profit in a measurable period of time.

Business owners interested in using our tool, are granted a two-month free trial period. This allows for businesses to become familiar with our system and permits them to try our tool without incurring monthly costs.

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